Continue extracurricular activities, clinical and/or research work. Begin planning to study abroad if interested. If you want to attend a Health Profession school immediately after graduation, the best time to study abroad is the fall of your junior year. If you study abroad in the fall semester of your junior year, some programs offer physics (London and Puebla) or other upper-level science courses (Dublin and Perth). If you choose another site, you should plan carefully with your advisor and possibly take a science course in the summer.

Students officially declare majors. Sophomores will meet with an advisor from our office to ensure they are on track with grades, research, service hours, etc. Sophomores will often want to talk about summer experiences and opportunities. In addition, students accepted into various study abroad programs will make appointments to ensure that they meet Pre-Health requirements and their major during their semester away. 

Summer: Perform clinical, service, or research work.

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