Graduate Students & Alumni

The Center for Health Sciences Advising works with Notre Dame Graduate Students & Alumni throughout the application process to health profession schools.  

Career Changer vs. ready to apply

The advisors in the Center will write your Committee Letter, and we can assist with the following:

  • Advice on the process
  • Specific coaching on preparation
  • Information about specific schools and programs
  • Continuous updates on trends regarding careers, training, and healthcare
  • Composing the committee letter and managing recommendation letters


The application process to any professional school takes approximately 15 months. We will assist with general application issues and medical school issues in particular. If you are an Alumni applying to a Health Professions School, please fill out the Health Professions Sign Up Form on the homepage ONLY from November to January 31st of every year. If you do not see the Sign Up Form, it has expired. There are required steps that have to be taken for the Center to guide you through the health profession application process (REQUIRED STEPS).

If you reach out to the Center after January 31st, we cannot guarantee that the pre-health advisors will be able to accommodate a committee letter for you. There are very extensive steps that have to be completed before January 31st.