By Class Year

During your entire undergraduate career, you should be reading, studying hard, and maintaining a life balance.

You should also keep a journal of your clinical experiences, making sure it is HIPPA compliant and does not include any patient identifying information. The journal should include:

  • A record of what you have seen
  • Hours, dates, and contacts
  • Your reflection on the meaning of the experience
  • What you have learned
  • How the experience has changed you

Your behavior over the next four years is also important. Avoid institutional actions or legal trouble. Such problems are increasingly worrisome as you approach graduation. If you make a mistake, be prepared to demonstrate how you have learned and changed because of the experience.

Be sure that your online presence, such as social media or personal websites, is appropriate for a potential employer or medical school, and that your communications, such as voicemail or email, are professional.