Medical schools do not have preferences for specific student majors, but students must show competence in the sciences. Students need reflection and discernment to find their passion for academic development. If those paths lead to excellence in research, service, or leadership, all of these interest medical schools.

Common Majors And Preparing For Medical School

For those students considering careers as physician researchers (M.D./Ph.D.), the emphasis on research training in the traditional science majors (biological sciences, chemistry, biochemistry, physics, and mathematics) may be more helpful.

Medical schools encourage students to major in the discipline that most interest them.  It doesn’t matter if they major in science or humanities.

The Medical School Admissions Requirements Guidebook published by the AAMC makes the following recommendation:

“A science major is not a prerequisite for medical school, and students should not major in science simply because they believe this will increase their chances for acceptance.  …..  For most physicians, the undergraduate years are the last available opportunity to pursue in depth a non-science subject of interest, and all who hope to practice medicine should bear this in mind when selecting an undergraduate major.”  

Most Popular Pre-Health Majors: