Budgeting the Application

  • Standardized tests cost more than $495 for the DAT and $320 for the MCAT, payable between February and April.
  • Most medical schools use the AAMCs to process applications. Through this service, you can submit a single set of application materials and have them sent to the schools you specify. The 2022 application fee is $170 for the first school and $42 for each additional school. Not all schools use AMCAS, so check with the respective medical schools you’re interested in applying to determine their admission processes. The majority of medical schools require a secondary application. Those fees range in cost. Some medical schools will waive the secondary application fee if applicants qualify for the AAMC’s fee assistant program. Check with the school regarding their policy.
  • Primary application fees for the AADSAS are $259 for the first program you apply to and $112 for each additional program. Some programs may have an additional supplemental fee; contact your programs to learn if they require this and how to pay it.
  • Travel to interviews can be a significant expense. Plan ahead.
  • Fee reduction programs are available for exams and applications for most professions.


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